An die Musik

As many of you know, I have been participating with Cathy Wurzer  on Minnesota Public Radio in discussions of trying to balance life and death with ALS. For some reason, I have never linked my blog to these stories. It was a real oversight, because there are things that can be said through the medium of radio that are very difficult to write (and vice versa). So I am going to rectify that oversight right now and embed a link to the 17 stories that Cathy has run since December 2011.  I believe that you would have to agree that for a media person to stick with a story as it progresses in such a sensitive and truthful way is quite rare. Cathy is that rare journalist who understands the need sometimes to set aside so-called objectivity and to really seek out the meaning in a story. It has been a privilege to work with her, and I want to share her work with you. Below is a link to most of the stories.

Bruce Kramer: Living with ALS – Minnesota Public Radio

Last month, Cathy introduced me to Alison Young, host of one of the classical programs on KSJN, the local MPR classical affiliate. She does a program called “Music with Minnesotans.” To make a long story short, Alison came out to interview me and asked me for a playlist. The link to that program is below. Once again, I am awed by the sensitivity and depth of her interview skills and the discussion that we had. It was wonderful to speak music with someone who had such a deep knowledge of the topic, yet understood how music allows me to stay and a healing place. You will discover the reason why if you listen to her program.

Music with Minnesotans: Bruce Kramer

I hope you enjoy the programs.


3 thoughts on “An die Musik

  1. This is actually extremely useful since the MPR search tool on their news web site is significantly less than optimal (aka “horseshit”). I don’t know how many times I was looking for a segment but couldn’t find it. They also don’t forward link so if you get a past segment getting to a later one is next to impossible.

  2. Having neard the program when it aired, i was sruck by the pieces or partial pieces that you/she highlighted. Bruce, perhaps you would be so kind as to share your playlist. …or playlists. Thanks in .advance.

  3. It was lovely to listen to your interview. My aunt passed away almost 4 years ago from ALS and while I attended the U I sent her CDs of my performances. At her viewing a nurse pulled me aside and told me that she asked to listen to the cds whenever she was feeling frightened or afraid. I don’t think I truly realized the power of music until that moment. Now as I work to begin my career I always think back to that conversation and continue to forge ahead. Truly the arts are one of the most personal and intimate paths on which you can embark.

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