The Weekend That Wasn’t

With the ALS WALK TO DEFEAT ALS this past weekend, I have just not had the energy to lay out a full blog. Please accept my apologies. Stay tuned next week, as The Walk will figure into the posting. Thanks for understanding.


3 thoughts on “The Weekend That Wasn’t

  1. My husband Milton Running was diagnosed with ALS in April of 1982. We live in Appleton Minnesota. A small community where we farmed. We built a home to be as comfortable as possible. We have four daughters and nine grandchildren. They have never known Grandpa walking and talking well. The progression was slow….would reach plateaus….and then noticeably become worse. We have been active in support groups in St.Cloud, Montevideo and Phoenix, Az. Enjoyed 20 years in the south. Milt took Rilutek in the trials but dropped after a few months. Our granddaughter, Malia Foster, called last week to ask us to come to see her bell choir the first Sunday in October at St.Thomas where she is in her second year. Did not like to tell her we could not make it but our family has learned to accept how hard it is for us. Milt is now in the Appleton nursing home as of Valentines Day of 2010. I cared for him for over 28 years at home with some help and the last under Hospice care. He enjoyed his computer but now is too hard. Has a book reader and have been moneterally cared for by the VA. Received your article from a friend. Have been reading your diary all evening with so many memories, tears in my eyes and prayer in my heart for you and your family. Was also given the name of a newly diagnosed young man. One of our worst memories was the doctor giving us the words of two to five years. Will follow your diary faithfully.

  2. Thank you for your blog and article in the St. Thomas alumni magazine. I am a pastor and found myself blessed by your sharing your journey with honesty and humility. I am quoting the article in a sermon this weekend so that we may all face our mortality and learn to be better prepared to be human. God loves us always, especially in our weakness and vulnerability.

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