No Posting Tonight

Dear friends,

If you have paid attention, you know that the past three weeks has afforded me absolutely no downtime at all. And today, I am just too tired to put together anything that is coherent. So, I will look to see what might come through this week, but I ask your understanding. Sometimes, the swirl and the fatigue are just too difficult to overcome.


2 thoughts on “No Posting Tonight

  1. Hi Bruce and Evelyn

    Certainly not comparable, but I can certainly feel and understand, more than I’d like to admit, the unbelieivable fatique you are having. It seems to be harder all the time. Another PET scan, the middle of next week, will give us another update. But the fatique and feeling of being wiped out is a tough one. Know you are in our frequent thoughts and prayers. Love you both. Here’s for a better week coming up!!


  2. Hello friends, Hey, no apologies, you have every right to say,”enough” when the ugly fatique kicks in.. Sometimes it is just unimaginable and then I say. “please Lord take over,” and give me rest.
    Prayers for for both you and Ev and may the week ahead bring sunshine into your life.
    Eva B

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